Please download, complete and return the form linked at the bottom of this page, or use the online enrollment agreement form here to agree to the School Policy.


  1. Payment is due in full on the first class or first week of each month.
  2. A Late Fee of $10.00 is charged for tuition received after the first class or the first week of the month.
  3. Consistent late payment (after the 2nd time) will result in the student being dropped from the course.
  4. A $40.00 Returned Check charge will be billed for all returned checks.
  5. Tuition is NOT refundable.
  6. New students starting after the first week of the month are billed only for the hours booked that month. Regular monthly billing begins the following month.
  7. Tuition is billed for the hours booked each month, NOT by the classes attended. Books and supplies sold separately.

Discounts, Awards & Transfers

  1. 10% off on tuition booked three or more months in advance for piano and art instruction.
  2. 10% family discount for piano students when two or more family members attend individual piano lessons, back to back.
  3. A Free Class is awarded when a student you refer registers and pays for a month of classes. This is a one-time award per each new registered student.
  4. If a referral purchases a Discount deal (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) a one-time referral reward of 10% off a month of classes will be awarded.
  5. Classes are transferable to students not currently enrolled, who are age appropriate for that class. A class session may be transferred to a non-enrolled student with a 48 hour notice.
  6. Gift Certificates are available for both fine art classes and individual piano lessons. A great gift idea!

For In-Studio classes & lessons, review, sign and return the Covid Liability Waiver notice at the first class/lesson.


  1. When rescheduling a class a 48 hour notice is required or the class is forfeited. (Two days in advance of the class.)
  2. One free reschedule per month with 48 hours notice. (Two days in advance of the class.)
    One free illness reschedule per month for a contagious or serious illness contracted on the same day of class.
  4. After your first free rescheduled class, additional make-ups within the month are available at $10 per reschedule, at the discretion of the teacher.
  5. The make-up class must be attended within the 30 days. A make-up cannot be rescheduled once booked.
  6. No make-ups are given for no-shows or if you forget to come to class.
  7. No make-ups are given for make-up classes not attended.
  8. Please arrive on time. If you are more than 5 minutes early, please do not disturb the current class. Wait outside the classroom.
  9. Regardless of your arrival time, your instruction ends when the class ends.
  10. Please pick up your child on time. No unattended children are allowed on school property for safety reasons.
  11. Consistent late arrivals and pick-ups (over 3 per month) will result in the child being dropped from the course.
  12. Multiple cancellations (3 or more within a month, continuing for 2 months or more) for non-medical reasons will result in the student being dropped.

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