What our students say

Taking art classes with Linda Wehrli is nothing short of magical. She bestows personal and caring attention on every student in her class, and nurtures their talent to the point where it surprises even the most skeptical budding artist about the amount of creative potential they have. It’s rare to find a teacher that one feels truly and profoundly cares about every individual student, but Linda is the real deal. Plus, the classes are genuinely enjoyable and a welcome break from the monotony of the day. I’d highly recommend her and Pastimes for a Lifetime. (Plus, Jessica the studio manager is an unquestionable pleasure to deal with – so responsive and perfectly lovely!)

Alex T.

Linda is a phenomenal person who is exceptionally passionate about art and music and does everything in her abilities to share her knowledge with her students. She develops and uses a comprehensive, structured approach that not only “works” but provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills of the studied discipline or topic. This is what distinguishes this school from many others! We highly recommend this wonderful school having taken both art and music classes for many years.

Kateryna B.

I’ve been taking drawing classes here. Linda is so far the best art instructor I’ve ever had. She is patient and very easy to follow. The studio is homey and the classes are structured very well. I highly recommend this studio if you’re a beginner to paint, drawing, piano, etc. (there’s more, check their website). Class times are filled by how many slots are open and by how many hours you will be taking at a time. Whatever you’re learning is taught individually and you go at your pace, it is not rushed. Try a trial class to get a feel for it. I thought I’d just be here for a month. Now I feel like I don’t want to leave! lol

Monica M.

I am an adult beginning piano student. I played music when I was young (not piano) and I find Linda’s method to be just what I was looking for in a return to music performance. She gives a solid foundation in technique and theory with a lesson plan that advances each week but not so fast that the student gets overwhelmed and discouraged. She is supportive and encouraging and I truly look forward to my weekly lesson. I am amazed at my own progress in only a year!
Michael O.

Linda is an awesome teacher. She has been teaching my daughter both piano and art for several years. At every age and every stage, Linda has been an excellent teacher and guide.Her curriculum and individual attention to her students really allows personal growth. The classes have been so enjoyable for my daughter and real confidence boosters as well. I highly recommend Pastimes for a Lifetime, the name really informs the mission of this piano and art studio.

Brenda R.

My son has been studying art with Linda for years. He’s made great progress in acrylics, watercolor, oil and chalk pastel, graphite and now pen and ink. His work is hanging in his second show with Pastimes for a Lifetime, and he’s so proud to see his work on the wall, and so are we.

Deborah S.

I’m fortunate enough to have started taking piano lessons earlier this year with Linda. Her teaching approach and methods completely lay the proper foundation for everything you need to know, especially as a beginner. When I was around 9 years old, I briefly took piano lessons but the experience was fragmented and a bit overwhelming. After a long hiatus, I started taking lessons with Linda and the experience has been so positive.

Not only is she passionate and extremely knowledgeable, she’s a lot of fun to be around and we always have a blast during our lessons. In 6 months, I was able to complete her beginning basics book and have recently begun her intermediate basics book. I play with so much enjoyment now and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better teacher. Could go on and on about my experience and am so excited to continue learning and growing!

Katie S.

I finally found a very charming, classroom experience, without being in the school room atmosphere. Linda is an excellent teacher, keeps you focused, and taught me so much I didn’t know, after years of working at painting. I discovered I enjoyed graphite sketching immensely, and tried several different kinds of media, i.e. watercolor, acrylic, and drawing.

With Linda, you won’t find a teacher who hands you a piece of paper & says ” paint something “, which has happened to me in the past. Her teaching is “one step in front of the other” based on her own developed method which she is writing about in her new book.

Susan L.