Did you know….. Pastimes For A Lifetime has a fully stocked Student Store on the premises!  The latest in paints, brushes, tools and art materials are researched regularly for the best quality and price.  The store is open to students and the general public.


The featured product is the line of Royal & Langnickel® Soft Grip Golden Taklon Brushes.


Designed with comfort in mind, these economical brushes are comfortable to the hand as well as the budget.  Durable synthetic Golden Taklon bristles work well with acrylics, watercolors and water-soluble oils.  The handles are made of thick acrylic with an easy-to-hold soft rubber grip.


Golden Taklon bristles were originally developed by DuPont to mimic the handling characteristics of natural sable.  These soft, smooth filaments provide a “green”, vegan and allergy-free alternative to animal hair brushes.


Today, Taklon is made in several sizes ranging from 0.08mm to .15mm, which mimic sable, to .20mm, which mimic boar bristle.  The diameter affects the stiffness or softness of the brush. Diameter variation in the Taklon fibers creates more space between the filaments, allowing the brush to carry more liquid.


This line of brushes is produced by Royal Brush Manufacturing, Great Britain.  They are a highly-respected company that has been making brushes for decades.


Pastimes’s student store now carries the Royal & Langnickel® line of Soft Grip Golden Taklon brushes.  They retail for $2.99.  They are a great addition to a professional or student artist’s brush collection.  Stop by and check them out.


© Linda Wehrli

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