One of the rewarding things about being an Art instructor is staying in touch with my longtime students after they have graduated college. It is an honor to feature those who chose a profession in the arts. Such is the case with my longtime former art student, Maya Lynn Krueger. What better way to honor her achievements than with an interview on the school’s blog! I hope you find it inspiring.

Q1. Do you happen to remember how old you were when you attended my Art Workshop at the Summer Art Academy over 13 years ago? Had you ever taken an art class before?
A1. Yes! I was about 9 years old when I attended the Art Workshop, and that was my very first art class.

Q2. Afterwards, you studied at Pastimes For A Lifetime art studio until what age?
A2. I think I studied at Pastimes For A Lifetime until I was about 17 or 18.

Q3. At my studio, you completed courses in a variety of drawing and painting mediums. Which is your favorite medium to this day? Do you still draw or paint when time permits? What styles of art speak to you the most? Any favorite painters or illustrators?

A3. I would say watercolor is definitely my favorite medium, and I still draw and paint all the time! Since college I’ve really enjoyed Impressionism and the work of Alfred Sisley. My favorite illustrator of all time is Yeonji Pak. She’s an amazing artist who also happens to be my friend!

Q4. Very nice. How did your art classes help you in college? Where did you attend college? What degree did you graduate with?
A4. I feel like I got a great head start by taking the art classes. It gave me a huge confidence boost when I went off to college. I went to SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) in Georgia and majored in Animation!

Q5. I’m so glad. Where do you work now? In what capacity?
A5. I work at Zoic Studios as an Intern! On the side I’m also animating for a commercial pitch for both Vans and H&M.

Q6. Congratulations! How have your art classes helped you land the job? Are you using those skills on the job? If so, in what way?
A6. The art classes have laid a foundation for me to gain the necessary skills I needed to land that job. Yes, I still use many of the skills I have learned in art class! For example, measurements are very important in animation when working off of references.


New Work by Maya Krueger


Q7. Good to know. Have you ever been interested in becoming an art teacher? Was there any particular person or event that inspired your decision to do so or not to do so?
A7. Yes, I’ve considered it! I’ve met so many art teachers and professors who are so passionate about inspiring others and helping their students reach their full potential, especially Linda Wehrli! I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now without joining Pastimes For A Lifetime!

Q8. It was an honor to teach you. I’m very moved by your kind words. Art can touch people’s lives, bringing happiness and hope. For example, my art school partners with CoachArt to provide free art classes for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Is there a charity you are fond of or support, that you might like my readers to learn more about?
A8. I’m a huge animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs! Unfortunately a lot of old dogs are abandoned and have trouble finding a new home, which is why I’m very fond of Old Dog Haven. What Old Dog Haven does is use a network of foster homes to provide a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs.

In closing, do you have a favorite quote, mantra or process that you find inspiring or helpful when faced with a frustration, that you would like to share with my readers?
[Tweet “”The Way to Get Started is To Quit Talking and Begin Doing.” ~ Walt Disney”]

Thank you for your gracious time in providing this lovely interview. You are as talented as you are kind. I wish you all the best with your career and congratulate you in following your passion for art.

To learn more about my talented former art student, please be sure to check out her website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and her portfolio.
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