One of the privileges of being a Piano teacher is staying in touch with my longtime students after they have graduated college. Music has been found to be healing. My longtime former piano student, Priscilla Moore is pursuing a career as a Nurse Practitioner. What better way to honor her desire to be a healer than with an interview on the school’s blog! I hope you find it inspiring.

Q1. Do you happen to remember how old you were when you started piano lessons with me? Had you ever studied piano before?

A1. I was either 12 or 13 when I started with you.


Q2. How did your parents find me? Was it the Studio City Lifestyle magazine or the Yellow Pages, or perhaps a referral from someone?

A2. I was the one who found you. I was googling where I can take lessons. I was able to teach myself the bare minimum. So when I felt I did not know what else or how else I could teach myself, I did research for lessons and asked my parents if I can take them with you.

Q3. You had completed the beginner and intermediate books and were able to read original manuscript classical, new age and jazz music afterward. Which is your favorite style to this day? Do you still play the piano when time permits? What styles of music speak to you the most? Any favorite composers you’d like to share with our readers?

A3. I would say jazz was always my favorite. It always felt it had more of a “dancey” rhythm, and I love to dance. Though, I haven’t been playing piano since college.

Q4. What degrees have you earned so far?

A4. I have earned my BA in Psychology at UCSB so far. I start nursing school this fall.


Q5. What work experiences would you like to share with my readers?

A5. Right after finishing at UCSB, I did a research internship in cerebrovascular disease in Australia for a few months and continued for about one year from home in the U.S. I’ve worked as a medical assistant for more medical experience while finishing some pre-requisites for nursing school.

Q6. What are your current and future career plans?

A6. I’m working towards becoming a nurse practitioner. Presently, deciding whether to be a pediatric or oncology nurse practitioner. So far, I am leaning towards oncology.

Q7. What impact did your piano lessons at Pastimes make?

A7. Pastimes taught me patience with myself and showed me what I am capable of. I always felt really accomplished and proud of myself after learning a piece, especially after having the opportunity of performing some of them.

I enjoyed the performances Linda put together for us. It was a chance to showcase the work we put in. I also enjoyed them because it was more time with my family. My mom and my dad never missed one performance. I knew they were always proud, even if I did make a mistake in a piece. There were times I have messed up because my nerves got the better of me. It was never such a bad experience, though. The audience was always supportive. Pastimes taught me that it was okay; just shake it off, learn, have fun with it, and try again.

Q8. Art can touch people’s lives, bringing happiness and hope. For example, my piano school partners with CoachArt to provide free piano lessons for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Is there a charity you are fond of or support, that you might like my readers to learn more about?

A8. I am not heavily involved in a charity at this time.

In closing, do you have a favorite quote, mantra or process that you find inspiring or helpful when faced with a creative block or frustration, that you would like to share with my readers?

Just let things flow. I apply that to pretty much everything. I do not like to force anything, especially creativity. If I feel like I’ve hit a creative block, I pause for a moment or just give it a break for a day. I find it comes back to me when I am not thinking so strictly on that one thing. Let it flow. I think if you have to think so intensely about it, it takes away your mind’s freedom. It takes away from your creativity or whatever you may be feeling at that moment (aside frustration from reaching that block). Just let things flow, it’ll come naturally.
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