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Pen & ink is a classic medium, rich in history yet remains fresh and vital to both the current fine art and graphic design communities worldwide.
Charles Dana Gibson’s “Magnifying Glass” • Franklin Booth’s “The Woodland” • David A. Trampier’s “Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest Book 4”


Pastimes For A Lifetime has successfully sourced an affordable art or technical pen that provides excellent results and is environmentally friendly: the Copic Multiliner SP Pen.

The Copic® Multiliner SP inking pens use waterproof, bleed proof, and pigment-based ink.  Once the ink is dry, watercolor and other paint washes may be applied without disturbing or damaging the ink. In addition to black, Copic offers 17 ink colors including olive green, cool gray, cobalt blue and sepia.


Copic® Multiliner SP Pen


The durable aluminum pen is responsive to changes in hand pressure, ensuring smooth ink flow. Drawing long lines, stippling, hatching or cross-hatching is effortless.

Nib sizes range from 0.03 to 0.7. They also offer a special brush nib, ideal for inking large areas.

The deciding factor in carrying the Copic® Multiliner SP pen was the replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges. No need to discard the entire pen if the nib is damaged or the ink runs out. No need to buy multiple pens just to use different nib size or ink color.

The Copic® Multiliner SP pen is part of Pastimes For A Lifetime’s Pen & Ink 101 Kit.

Pastimes for a Lifetime Pen and Ink Kit

Pastimes for a Lifetime’s Pen and Ink Kit


Although the kit is designed for the Pen & Ink 101 Course, it may be purchased by anyone interested in high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly Pen & Ink supplies. For store hours, email the office manager.

Pastimes for a Lifetime's Pen & Ink Course

Pastimes for a Lifetime’s Pen & Ink Course

Pastimes for a Lifetime’s Pen & Ink 101 Course teaches students to illustrate with line, texture, and tone. The course is ideal for the detail-oriented artist and a foundation for anyone thinking of a career in illustration for fine art, cartoons, and graphic novels or commercial art, book illustration and storyboards.


To learn more about the Copic® company, visit their website.

To order your Pen & Ink 101 Kit from Pastimes For A Lifetime, click on the website’s Art Store.

For more information on the Pen & Ink 101 Course, click on the Pen & Ink 101 Course page.

Ready to enroll? Simply click on the Art Class Enrollment page.

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