Online Painting 401 Class with Water Soluble Oils

Pastimes for a Lifetime

Have you said no to oil painting because it is hazardous to the environment? Well now is the time to say YES! In this class, students will celebrate the deliciousness of this buttery and traditional medium in its new water-soluble, non-toxic form. Students learn the basics for mixing water-soluble oil colors and brush techniques including how to paint a traditional Grisaille or tonal painting followed by delicate glazing or color layering. A variety of styles and subject matter are covered along with product information about water-soluble oil paint, brushes recommended and their care and cleaning. This class will be presented online via Zoom.


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Linda’s intimate studio provides a harmonious space where she can easily and thoroughly guide and help each student. I never thought I would be able to achieve beauty with oil on canvas, and now I have several beautiful paintings hanging in my home.
Suzanne S., Calabasas

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