Online Drawing 101 Class with Graphite

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Drawing with Graphite 101

This fun and informative class is ideal for beginners as well as students returning to art classes after a long absence. Basic skills are learned or rekindled with this historic medium. Students will focus on developing measuring and drawing skills, as well as honing sensitivity in the hand. Unique projects in Linda’s curriculum improve hand-to-eye coordination while teaching how to measure for proportion. Best practices for sketching and shading with graphite pencil are taught in order to produce dimension, perspective and texture on paper. Students create line and tone drawings for their portfolios or enjoyment. Learn how to bring flat drawings to 3-D life!

Ideal for those interested in drawing for fine art, cartoons, commercial or book illustration and storyboards. This class will presented online via Zoom. 

None. This class is a basic prerequisite and must be taken before moving on. Students will finish the class with a collection of completed graphite drawings and the certificate of completion necessary to move up to the next level.

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My daughter has been attending for several months, and she loves the classes and the technique being taught. A great experience with a nice teacher!
Suzanne L., Burbank

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