Oil Pastel 101

Oil Pastel 101

This creamy, easy-to-mix medium is ideal for the artist who is just beginning to explore color. This course provides the basics of color theory and beyond. Unique projects in Linda’s curriculum guide students to learn how to smoothly blend and apply subtle shades, tints and color mixtures to create works of art that look like an oil painting. In addition, students will learn the chemistry behind color mixing as well as how to create color palettes like the classical artists of generations past.Ideal for the artist who is looking for quick set up and easy clean up without compromising on rich intense color.

Prerequisite: Drawing with Graphite 101 or the equivalent.

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My son has been a student of Linda’s for two years now; his drawings and color pastels are some of the beautiful pieces of art that grace the walls in our home.
Lisa B., North Hollywood

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