This year, Pastimes for a Lifetime replaced its Annual Student Art Showcase booth with its first ever Piano Student Gig at the 2018 Downtown Burbank Arts Festival.

As a piano instructor, I feel it is important to provide my students with performance opportunities that get them out of their comfort zone while building their self-esteem and confidence. What better place to do so than at an Arts Festival!

Of my five intermediate/advanced level students, four were able to attend. Two students, Ryan P. and Chris K. were acknowledged for learning new pieces in less than two weeks for the show.

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, my students performed beautiful New Age and Pop piano pieces from 10:30 AM-noon on the walkway at Palm Street.

For those of you who missed the concert, please enjoy the photos and beautiful performances.



Aidan C.: Last Days of Summer by Michael Scott


Aidan C.: Etude 80 by John Novello


Aidan C.: Song of Farewell by Christopher Norton


Aidan C.: Northern Seascape by Jim Wilson


Aidan C.: Engagement Party by Justin Hurwitz


Aidan C.: Valse de Amelie by Yann Tiersen
Cameron C.



Cameron C.: Sepia Tones by Michael Scott


Cameron C.: Rainforest by Michael Scott


Cameron C.: In This Small Spot by Michael Scott


Cameron C.: On the Lake by Christopher Norton


Cameron C.: Comptin D’un Autre Ete: L’Apres by Yann Tiersen

Chris K.


Chris K.: Rivergazing by Michael Scott


Chris K.: Sun Harbor Overlook by Michael Scott

Ryan P.


Piano Solo, Ryan P.: Petals by Christopher Norton


Ryan P.: Glass Piece by Michael Scott


Ryan P.: Peace Prelude by Michael Scott
This concert was a great learning experience for both my students and myself. I learned that no matter how much one prepares, there will always be something unexpected.For me, it was trusting the City of Burbank’s DWP to supply a reliable electrical source for our electronic keyboard and amp. After setting up the performance booth (awning, music gear and chairs), it was discovered that the electrical source from the lamp post adjacent to the booth, was dead. No electricity!I took a deep breath and asked the city coordinator to find us another booth location with a hot electrical outlet. She came through and found us a spot by the AMC theaters off of Palm. Luckily my handyman, his son and my husband had not left yet and were able to tear down and re-setup the booth and music gear in less than 15 minutes. It meant having a slightly late start, but my wonderful students and their families were very understanding and supportive. The performances were great, and the students had an eclectic experience they can look back on with memories to share for a lifetime.Many thanks to my wonderful husband, Barry Wehrli for loaning my students his pro music gear and gracious time and expertise in setting up the equipment. I could not have done this without him. A hearty thank you to my office manager, Jessica Lee Sanders for her photography help, assistance in shlepping stuff to the new booth location and helping me keep my sense of humor. 🙂
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