On Sunday, November 18, 2018, at the beautiful concert hall at Hollywood Pianos, Burbank, my boss, founder and piano instructor, Linda Wehrli of Pastimes for a Lifetime hosted the annual Fall Student Piano Concert.

This year’s show included classical and contemporary solos performed by 9 of her students:


The student performances may be enjoyed and shared on Pastimes for a Lifetime’s YouTube channel.
Aidan C.
Prelude Opus 3 No. 2 in C# Minor, Sergei Rachmaninoff
Prelude Opus 28 No. 1, Fredric Chopin

Cameron C.
Holly & The Ivy, Traditional, Arranged by Michael Scott
Song Without Words, Andrey Komanetsky

Chris K.
Kristie’s Theme, George Tingley
Prelude Book III, No. 1, Johann Sebastian Bach

Ryan P.
Autumn Harvest, Michael Scott
Prelude Book III, No. 6, Excerpt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli

Ascher C.
Spring Colors, Barry & Linda Wehrli
Waltz Opus 2., No. 15, Excerpt, Johannes Brahms, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli

Ryan B.
The Entertainer, Excerpt, Scott Joplin, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli
La Cinquantaine, Excerpt, Gabriel-Marie, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli

Michael G.
Simple Gifts, Excerpt, Edler Joseph Brackett, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli
Bourrée, Suite in E Minor, Excerpt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli

David G.
Romance, Excerpt, W.A. Mozart and Siciliano, Excerpt, J.S. Bach, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli

Carmen S.
Theme & Variations, Excerpt, W.A. Mozart, Arr. by Barry & Linda Wehrli

Linda’s handsome hubby, Barry Michael Wehrli performed the duty of Master of Ceremonies, introducing the students and their pieces in addition to graciously helping with set-up, tear-down, photography, and videotaping. He is amazing.

Linda and Barry Wehrli

Linda and Barry Wehrli


Following the student portion of the concert, pianist Linda Wehrli had the pleasure of performing Aram Khatchaturian’s Toccata for her students and guests.

Linda Wehrli performs the Khatchaturian Toccata

Linda Wehrli


Barry Michael Wehrli closed the show with his performance of Dedication 3 which he composed for Linda in honor of their 25th Wedding Anniversary. So romantic! It will be available on YouTube soon. Stay tuned!

Barry Michael Wehrli performs his Dedication 3 at Pastimes for a Lifetime's 2018 Fall Student Concert

Barry Michael Wehrli


After the concert, students and guests enjoyed delicious gourmet empanadas and desserts by Chef Roger X. Navas-Balladares, B.A  of Savory Roads Catering along with platters of fruit, veggies, snacks, desserts and beverages generously donated by students’ families. Performers and staff received artisanal dark chocolate musical notes by Anita Burgoyne of Custom Chocolate Designs. It was a lovely concert!


Pastimes for a Lifetime served refreshments after the 2018 Fall Student Piano Concert


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Pastimes For a Lifetime Art and Piano School is located in Valley Glen, California. 818-766-0614. School is open Tuesday – Saturday year round, except for major holidays.

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