Mezzo Soprano Katarzyna Sądej’s eco-awareness music travelog, aka Earth Singing, took her to California and Florida this time.

For newbies, Katarzyna coined the name, Earth Singing for her project of employing her beautiful voice to draw attention to the environment. Earth Singing has been featured on various platforms, including the Artivism: Art For Social Change series presented by Adelphi University, the University of Southern California’s Levan Institute for the Humanities “Sound in Sacred Spaces” series, Nature Links, Pastimes for a Lifetime Blog, Musings of a Creative Journey Blog, and Daytime Ottawa. Earth Singing was also featured in the Artivism Exhibit: Art for a Purpose, Multi-Venue Global Exhibition, which took place at Adelphi University and Gottesman Library (Columbia University), among other venues, between April and June of 2022.

We caught up with Katarzyna to get the latest story.

LRW: I’m so excited to share your fourth Earth Singing installment with my readers. I understand Laguna Beach and Torrey Pines, California and the Florida Everglades were your destinations of choice during the Summer of 2022. May I ask, why these locations? Why now?

KS: The Laguna Beach location was chosen not only because it has been one of my favorite ocean areas in the world, but was also inspired by Wyland, the famous ocean mural artist and wildlife activist, who is from there.

LRW: I’m familiar with the artist, Wyland and have a book of his at my art studio for students to learn more about him. Beautiful singing with a stunning seascape. What about Torrey Pines?

KS: The Torrey Pines location was chosen because of the extremely endangered tree species found in the area, as well as the spectacular landscape.

LRW: I wasn’t aware of endangered tree species in that area. I’m glad your project is bringing attention to that. Natural beauty compliments your voice. Florida is a completely different ecosystem than California. What brought you there?

KS: In Florida I encountered wildlife like no other to date – alligators and crocodiles, as well as amazing bird species. It was quite an experience in the heat – I recorded during the most hot and humid time of year in the area. I was already there for a concert, so I had to take an extra week to record Earth Singing in such an unusual environment! But it sure was sticky and hot – and mosquito filled! I probably have some “bloopers” to share as well.

LRW: Ah, yes. I’ve seen posts of those large reptiles sunning themselves by the side of road. Their bird species must be amazing. You’re brave to have recorded in that hot humidity replete with insects. My students love your bloopers and look forward to viewing them when available. I remember when we last had tea together at my studio, you mentioned creating your own original vocals-only music. What’s the latest on that?

KS: Right. I’ve begun creating my own original vocals-only music inspired by my Earth Singing project and by the rawness and potential of the human voice, and the resilience of the human body. The music is made by using vocal layering, without the help of other instruments, but incorporating solely my voice in various colors and ranges, and using countless vocal effects to create rhythm and melody.

LRW: Very eclectic. Perhaps film studios might be interested in including your vocals-only music in their projects. Very atmospheric. Where can my students and readers listen to these creations?

KS: That would be absolutely amazing! They can find them on my ReverbNation profile.

LRW: Thanks for the link! I just clicked the link to become a Fan so I can follow your unique project. Have you decided on your next Earth Singing location?

KS: Yes, the next locations will be in British Columbia, Canada.

LRW: I’ve been. It’s gorgeous. Best wishes on your next recording session in nature. With COVID restrictions lifting, are you back on stage?

KS: Yes, it’s been a beautiful thing to be on stage again, but also to perform things I really want to sing. I’ve recently performed concerts in Florida, California and Canada.

LRW: So glad to hear. I meant to mention, I saw your post featuring your recent presentation of Earth Singing at the University of Southern California’s Levan Institute for the Humanities “Sound in Sacred Spaces” series. Did you happen to record it so I may share accordingly?

KS: Yes, it was a great honor to present at such a prestigious university. Here’s the link.

LRW: Thank you. Congratulations on your presentation! May I ask, how could my readers and I help support your current and upcoming Earth Singing projects?

KS: As always, it’s a huge help when people subscribe to my YouTube Channel. For anyone who would like to become my patron, to help sponsor my videos, please follow this link. I am forever grateful to those individual sponsors who have helped support me throughout my career!

LRW: I’m subscribed and hope my readers will as well. Thanks for the patron link as well. I look forward to blogging about your wonderful projects as they come to fruition. I hope it brings the attention to the arts and the environment that you envision and that is greatly needed for our culture and future on the planet.

To keep up with Katarzyna Sądej and her Earth Singing projects, click Linktree for her website and social media platforms.
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