Earlier this year, the owner of the lovely Artisan Cheese & Wine Bistro, Studio City graciously reached out to me with another invitation to play! Very exciting. This time, I had the delightful opportunity to perform on keyboards with the fabulous vocalist, Radina Veliova and her talented guitarist, Markus Illko.

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, from 7-9PM, our trio treated the patrons of the Artisan Cheese & Wine Bistro, Studio City to the sounds of eclectic jazz and pop music.

Linda Wehrli on Keyboards, Vocalist Radina Veliova and Guitarist Markus Illko

Markus Illko, Radina Veliova and Linda Wehrli

Markus Illko, Radina Veliova and Linda Wehrli


The room was packed with family, friends and several of my art and piano students and their family and friends. Delicious food, friendship and conversations filled the venue.


Artisan Cheese & Wine Patrons

Linda Wehrli with her piano student, Ascher C.

Linda Wehrli and piano student, Ascher C.


For those who don’t already know,…

Radina Veliova

Radina Veliova


Radina Veliova is a vocal coach, singer and the founder of the singing program, Vocals-on-Stage. She coaches singers in contemporary music and prepares them for auditions, tours and recordings. She also works with complete beginners who just want to have fun singing. For over 15 years, Radina has specialized in teaching a vocal technique that combines artistry and style while always maintaining the focus on vocal health. She teaches her San Fernando Valley students at Pastimes for a Lifetime’s studio on Mondays and Friday mornings. Please feel free to contact her for more information on her program.

Markus Illko

Markus Illko


Markus Illko is an award-winning composer and guitarist. He studied at ESMUC in Barcelona. Classes with Zoran Dukic (Classical guitar), Manuel Canizares (Flamenco), Vincenc Saltona (Jazz), earning his Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree in Music with distinction from the University of Music and Arts-Graz (Austria). To learn more about this remarkable musician, visit his website


Linda Wehrli, Pastimes for a Lifetime


Linda Wehrli has been soloing and accompanying on the piano since the age of six. Her coaches include Esther Lee Caplan from Juilliard, Mario Feninger of European piano concert fame and John Novello from Berklee School of Music in Boston. She continues her music education attending Master Classes as a member of the Sarah Compinsky Master Class series. Linda’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Cal State Northridge provided the organizational skills that helped her and her hubby author their piano books and curriculum.

A shout out to my hubby, Barry Michael Wehrli for graciously helping with load-in, sound check and teardown for the gig, along with his video and photography assistance. Barry is also a piano and keyboard instructor as well as the co-author of Linda’s piano instruction books. In addition, Barry arranges, produces and composes music.

It was a magical evening. To receive an invitation to our next gig, be sure to subscribe at the link shown below.
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