On Sunday, September 24, 2017 from 4:30-6PM, patrons of the Artisan Cheese Gallery, Studio City paired their delicious wine and cheese platters, gourmet salads and sandwiches with the sounds of jazz, new age and light classical piano music.

The performers were select students of my boss, Mrs. Linda Wehrli, Founder/Instructor of Pastimes for a Lifetime Art and Piano School. Ryan P., Adela M., Cameron C. and Aidan C.

After the students performed, Linda played two compositions by her hubby, Barry Wehrli.


Linda created a montage of each students’ performances. Enjoy the excerpts.
Editor’s note: Aidan C.’s and Cameron C.’s videos have the Artisan Cheese Gallery invitation image inserted between clips for continuity. For the set list, you may email Linda.


Linda closed the program with two compositions by her hubby, Barry Michael Wehrli.


Students were awarded Certificates of Merit at the end of the concert with a family photo session, and then joined their family and friends to celebrate with delicious refreshments.


Family Photo Session at the Artisan Cheese GalleryFamilies at Pastimes for a Lifetime Student Piano Gig


The Artisan Cheese Gallery was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for hosting this lovely event.

Linda Wehrli awards Certificate of Appreciation to Staff

A big thank you to Linda’s hubby, Barry Wehrli for generously providing his Roland RD-2000 and photography.


Barry and Linda Wehrli, Artisan Cheese Gallery


Why host a concert in a café? Linda says, “Playing with poise and focus in this type of setting opens up performance opportunities for students to play at parties, celebrations and maybe even music festivals.”


Linda Wehrli opening speech, Artisan Cheese Gallery


In fact, this concert was a celebration of two special events for Barry and Linda:

1. Barry’s Book of 15 Piano Preludes has been accepted by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers and now appears in their Piano Auditions Repertoire List for levels 7 and up under Solo Music. That means CAPMT piano teachers from across California will be assigning Barry’s music for their students’ competitions and recitals!


Book of 15 Preludes by Barry Michael Wehrli


2. Linda and Barry just celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary!


Barry and Linda Wehrli's Wedding Photo


In honor of the occasion, Linda closed the program with Barry’s “Prelude 1” and “Dedication 2” which he composed for Linda back in 2001.

Why choose the Artisan Cheese Gallery for the concert? Here’s the back story.


Artisan Cheese Gallery


Last Fall, one of Linda’s art students advised he needed to leave class a little early in order to catch a jazz concert at the Artisan Cheese Gallery. That was the first time Linda learned of jazz concerts being hosted there. She checked out the venue and found it to be ideal for small gigs. She reached out to owner, Shelley Jansen who graciously set up a meeting.

Sadly, the date they picked for a January 2017 student concert had to be postponed due to Linda’s parents having been in a bad car accident. Once they were fully recovered, Linda was able to check back with Shelley for a July 2017 concert.

Since Linda’s students were away for summer vacation, she decided to perform with her trio, instead. She figured, she ought to test out the venue before hosting a student gig. It was a great success. The place was packed. Details on her gig can be found on the blog.

Linda checked back with Shelley for hosting a September 2017 student gig. Owner Shelley Jansen graciously gave the green light.

It was a great experience for the students and a memorable event to share with their family and friends. Pastimes will likely be back to host another student concert at the Artisan Cheese Gallery in the future.
Stay tuned!

For more on Pastimes for a Lifetime’s Piano Curriculum and founder/instructor Linda Wehrli, visit the website.

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