Towards the end of a delicious Christmas Day brunch with the family of one of my longtime art students, the hostess took me aside and showed me photos of their recent tour of a home in Venice, California that was covered in mosaic tile. I remarked that it reminded me of Antoni Gaudi‘s works and Watts Towers. She highly recommended that I see it for myself and promptly researched and shared the website.

My email inquiry to the Mosaic Tile House the next day received a welcoming reply by owner Cheri Pann. I was delighted to learn they were open on New Year’s Day. We reserved the 1PM tour.

The house is in a residential area of Venice, California. Parking was easy. The tour consisted of myself, my hubby and four other guests.


Mosaic Tile House Tour Front Yard


Cheri Pann greeted us personally and shared the history of the house with us. She and her partner Gonzalo Duran have been working on the house since March 1994.

Before going inside, Sheri invited us to wander about the front and side yards.


Mosaic Tile House Side YardMosaic Tile HouseMosaic Tile House StepsMosaic Tile House ArchesMosaic Tile House PatioMosaic Tile House Front Yard


Once all members of the tour were present, Cheri invited us inside. The entryway served as a small gift shop where payment for the tour was completed.


Mosaic Tile House


Directly behind was an outlandish kitchen replete with rainbow colored appliances. The bathroom around the corner was equally outfitted. No surface was left untouched by some type of ceramic or glass decorative.


Mosaic TIle House KitchenMosaic Tile Studio KitchenMosaic Tile HouseMosaic Tile House


We were treated to a peek inside Cheri and Gonazalo’s home studio to view works in progress.


Mosaic Tile StudioMosaic Tile Studio Work in ProgressMosaic Tile Studio Work in Progress 2


After viewing the studio, we were invited to meander around the property and take photos to our heart’s content.


Mosaic Tile House WallMosaic TIle House FloorMosaic Tile House SinkMosaic Tile House StepsMosaic Tile House DoorMosaic Tile House StepMosaic Tile House Wall


The tour lasted about an hour. We never felt rushed or pushed. This is an ideal outting for taking out-of-town guests, or treating yourself if you plan to be in the area. Just another reason we artists enjoy living in Southern California.

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