Piano instructor and Pastimes for a Lifetime founder, Linda Wehrli firmly believes a well rounded piano education includes providing students with the opportunity to perform selected piano solos in private recitals.Pastimes for a Lifetime Student Concert

Since the 1990s, Pastimes for a Lifetime has hosted a minimum of two student concerts per year, complete with Certificates of Merit, photos, delicious refreshments and in later years, videos and audio recordings of performances for portfolios and resumes, at no extra charge to her students.

Linda partners with local businesses to provide a more public venue experience for her students in addition to traditional concert halls. One such venue is the lovely M Street Coffee Bar & Gallery, in Sherman Oaks, California.

Back in 2009, while on a bike ride, Linda discovered the M Street Coffee Bar & Gallery. The warm, artsy ambience drew her in to try a delicious iced tea. She was smitten and had to learn more about the place. Their website showed photos of poetry readings and musical performances. Linda reached out to owner, Andrea McLain who enthusiastically agreed to host a student piano concert.

June 14, 2015 marks the fifth Pastimes student piano concert hosted by the M Street Coffee Bar & Gallery.

Andrea Mclain and Linda Wehrli at Pastimes Student Concert June 2015

Andrea McLain and Linda Wehrli


On that Sunday, from 6-7PM, Master of Ceremonies, Herb Gore eloquently introduced the program performances.

Herb Gore was Master of Ceremonies at Pastimes' June 2015 Piano Concert

Herb Gore


Former piano student and poet, Miss Charlotte Reynolds opened the program with a beautiful original poem entitled “Coffee Shop Blues“.

Charlotte Reynolds Poem

Miss Charlotte Reynolds


Select students performed a variety of classical and contemporary piano works. Performing were Sara Blatt, Cameron Carr, Aidan Caplan, Dhruv Reddy and Mason Spencer.

Sara Blatt performed at Pastimes June 2015 concert

Sara Blatt

Cameron Carr performed at Pastimes' June 2015 Concert

Cameron Carr

Aidan Caplan performed at Pastimes June 2015 Concert

Aidan Caplan

Dhruv Reddy performed at Pastimes June 2015 Concert

Dhruv Reddy

Mason Spencer performed at Pastimes June 2015 Concert

Mason Spencer


Following the student portion of the concert, Linda performed a classical piano solo. She then accompanied guest vocalist, Suzi Oliver on jazz and pop numbers. Linda feels that performing for her students, especially with guest musicians, lends credibility to her teaching and hopes to inspire her students to consider collaborating with other musicians.

Linda Wehrli performed a piano solo at Pastimes June 2015 concert.

Linda Wehrli

Suzi Oliver & Linda Wehrli perform at Pastimes June 2015 Concert

Suzi Oliver & Linda Wehrli


Before and after the concert, guests indulged in delicious freshly roasted organic coffees, green tea lattes, smoothies and gourmet healthy baked goods.

Guests enjoying refreshments at Pastimes June 2015 Concert

Guests enjoying refreshments

After Party at Pastimes June 2015 Student Piano Concert

Guests enjoying refreshments


If you missed the show, don’t worry. Student piano performances were expertly recorded by Randall Michael Tobin of Theta Sound Studios. Individual performances from this and other concerts may enjoyed anytime on Pastimes’ Student Piano Concert webpage. Click on the desired concert link and enjoy. Here is the link to the June 14, 2015 concert.

Randall Michael Tobin recorded audio at Pastimes June 2015 concert

Randall Michael Tobin


It was a pleasure to help Linda prepare for and assist at and after the concert. She makes everyone feel like they are part of the team.

Jessica S. and Linda Wehrli at Pastimes June 2015 concert

Pastimes Office Manager, Jessica S. with Founder/Instructor Linda Wehrli


Special thanks to U.S. Grant High School film students, Alan Aklyan and Avery Griffith for their photography services.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning to play piano, you are welcome to reach out to Linda Wehrli or call 818-766-0614.

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