As an art teacher, I have been asked, “What is Art?” many times over the years.  After giving this much thought, I created the following essay in hopes of broadening the definition and experience of art.


When a project is taken to a level far beyond the average expectations, it ceases to exist as just a project.  The excellence in workmanship, intellect and problem-solving skills create awe and inspiration, just as beautiful paintings or sculptures do.  A project could, therefore be considered a “work of art” if it achieves a high level or degree of excellence.


Art on a philosophical level could be the ability to inspire others and improve conditions in our culture and environment, at large.  It is up to the viewer to discover that excellence and experience it, personally, as a work of art.  One’s daily routine might be turned into an art experience.  Try changing your perceptions and viewpoint with the motive of looking for excellence in the basic things you come across during your day.


Take a moment each day to look around your home, car or office and notice the quality of your environment and the excellence of the people and/or products with which you come in contact.


Art doesn’t exist solely on canvases or in clay or stone in galleries and museums.  It exists with us, daily.  Out daily routine can be turned into an art experience by looking for or creating our own excellence in the ordinary.  It is up to us to find or create the excellence, and the art in our lives.


Photo courtesy of A Sweet Design.


© Linda Wehrli


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