Beginning Acrylics 301 • Online Classes Now Available


Brighten up your world with amazing acrylics! This medium offers the flexibility of oils with a faster drying time and less hassles. In this class, students will learn techniques of the 20th century masters, including how to mix colors, prepare canvas, and execute styles including impressionism, contemporary realism, color block and abstract. Linda’s curriculum covers product information about acrylic paint, brushes recommended and their care and cleaning.Ideal for the artist who is interested in painting with bright colors and thicker paint layers that dry quickly.

Drawing with Graphite 101, Oil Pastel 101 and Beginning Watercolor 201 or their equivalents.

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What began as my fanciful foray quickly transformed into an adventure in learning and a passion for painting. Guided by Linda’s expertise and patience, my art class days are sacred. Linda’s studio and the ambiance she has created became a place for my “special time” away from the obligations and high energy of daily life. It is a place where I can nurture my inner self, enjoy the companionship of other adults and absorb a lifetime of experience. Beginning with essential fundamentals, each student is gently guided by Linda’s gift as artist and teacher.
Diane B., Encino

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