Our February 2024 Artist interview features once again the inimitable John Brosio! A couple years have passed since our last interview. With a solo show coming up, we were definitely due for a chat and were thrilled when he accepted the offer! For those who don’t know, John is an accomplished LA based who paints eclectic scenes including amazing tornados, monsters, critters, figures, cities, architecture, you name it! He is represented by our fav New York gallery, Arcadia Contemporary. For a quick catch up, or if you missed his earlier interviews, you can click these links to check out our first and second interviews with this clever and masterful artist. Then circle back quickly to enjoy our latest interview with John, below!

Pastimes Blog Post Interview with John Brosio

JLS. Since your 2022 Pastimes interview, how has your work changed? New subject matter? Different palette or materials? Alternative approach to painting?

JB. Hmm. My work is evolving and perhaps showing me new directions. It’s hard to say since your premise in part depends on the idea that I have answers! I’m excited by some of what it is showing me and I will follow its lead. Same materials, similar approach, hopefully new things on the horizon, but any subject matter is always secondary and little more than representative of differing approaches to the same inquiry.

JLS. Understood. Well, we are excited to hear about your solo exhibition at Arcadia Contemporary on view from February 24th – March 10th. Congratulations! May we have more info on the show for our readers? Theme? Thanks!

JB. The new show is titled “American Games”, and that is a very broad consideration. There are images with literal games in them, even two paintings which echo video game screens. But the way we do dating here, our ideas about UFO’s, and aspects of our religious practices are all among things at least flavored for better and worse by our culture here. You see some of the serious and silly trading places.

Pastimes Blog Post Interview with John Brosio

“Jazz”, 36″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas

JLS. Oooh love your new paintings! Congrats again. Do you ever do commissions? If so, what is usually the subject matter? Have you ever done portrait commissions (portrait artist asking here, lol)

JB. I have definitely done commissions but it has been a while! Maybe between 5-10 portraits. They turned out well – at least the ones I can remember! I have also done a couple “monster” commissions too but it is a rare thing.

JLS. How fun. Love the idea of a monster commission. 🙂 Linda reminded me that you keep a Byzantine coin in your shoe! Please, enlighten us on the backstory about this.

JB. This I don’t recall!!! I do have a couple of Roman coins sitting out, one of which pictures Septimius Severus, emperor of Rome from about 190-210 AD. He was a real jackass by some accounts and responsible for really cementing Rome’s descent into despotism. A coin with a jerk on it, haha.

JLS. Hah! Too funny. Thank you for sharing. And what’s the story behind your cool cowboy hat? 🙂

JB. Oh, I have come to love hats is all. After seeing Indiana Jones a million years ago I got ahold of a couple of my grandfather’s old hats and never looked back. There is so much history and craftsmanship involved – a way to enjoy sensibilities in someone else’s work every day!

JLS. Indeed! I love a good hat myself. Since we last talked, have you traveled anywhere that has inspired your artwork subject matter or approach?

JB. No. This is because of major life changes and moving and all of that. I was without a way to work for over a year and then our pandemic hit at the same time. There has been a decent amount of reading and restructuring but I can’t keep track of the ideas and compulsions I already have!

JLS. For sure. Traveling was so limited the past couple years. Are you teaching any workshops in the future? If no, do you recommend any useful workshops from fellow artists?

JB. It looks like I am but ducks are not yet in a row….

JLS. Oooh! We’re intrigued. Please keep us posted! Any new painting tools or tips you’ve discovered recently that you’d like to share with our students and followers?

JB. Tools or tips – nothing other than to cultivate and maintain a sense of intense curiosity. Constant curiosity.

Cultivate and maintain a sense of intense curiosity. Constant curiosity. - John Brosio Share on X

Wonderful advice. Thank you again, John for another insightful interview! It’s a pleasure and a privilege catching up with you. Our students appreciate it as well. Until next time!

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