“I aim to communicate what is inherently and universally human, transcending cultural codes and trends. It’s not my goal to criticize or change society; instead my work addresses itself primarily to the inner world of the individual.”

~ Nick Alm, Artist Statement

I was beyond excited for Swedish master painter, Nick Alm‘s opening night solo exhibit at Arcadia Contemporary in Downtown Culver City! I am drawn to his figurative oil paintings; he is able to portray emotion and atmosphere like no other. His use of shadow and light is also remarkable. It reminds me of the old master painters, like Rembrandt and John Singer Sargent, Later, I found out that these artists greatly inspire him, along with Richard Schmid. I love how light flows and reflects magically in his paintings and leads the eye throughout the work.

In 2007, Alm was accepted into the Florence Academy of Art, where he also become a teaching assistant. Upon graduation, he received a scholarship to join The Hudson River Fellowship to paint landscapes (jealous!) He has also won several international honors and awards: In May 2012, he exhibited in the Portrait Society of America show in Philadelphia where he received an “Exceptional Merit Award”. In 2013 he won the First Place Prize in Art Renewal Center´s international salon, followed by a “William Bouguereau Award” in 2014.


It was so inspiring to see these paintings up close and to meet the artist himself! Guests were fortunate enough to ask him questions about his artwork. I noticed he likes to leave some of the base coat showing and he advised that it’s mainly Burnt Umber. When asked about his skin tones, he pointed out that the tone and atmosphere were more important to him than the colors themselves. So cool!

It was also fun meeting up with friend and fellow artist, Laura Von Krusemark, who attended the Casey Baugh Charcoal Workshop with me back in January 2016! Thank you Arcadia for continuing to motivate and support aspiring professional artists!

Missed the gallery opening? Don’t worry. The exhibition will be on display at Arcadia Contemporary in Culver City through June 28, 2017. Don’t feel like battling the freeways? Here is the link to the complete online catalogue. Be sure to check it out!

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