I was ecstatic to discover one of my favorite artists, Miguel Angel Moya, was having a solo exhibit at the one and only, Arcadia Contemporary! His recent paintings of sea creatures isolated in glass bottles are hypnotizing; they represent a connection on another level. They aren’t just pretty florals or portrait paintings, which is why I am drawn to his unique, masterful work. Moya studied for 2 years at the Facultad Politécnica de Valencia, before giving up and studying under realistic painter, Francisco Ugeda. He was dissatisfied with the method of teaching at FPV. During these workshops with Ugeda, Moya learned the technical fundamentals of painting.

Moya is influenced by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, who states, “Like the sea itself, the unconscious yields an endless and self-replenishing abundance of living creatures, a wealth beyond our fathoming.” In a recent interview with American Art Collector, Moya says, “For me each new work is an adventure, and it is the painting itself, through the here and now of the act of painting, which is dictating the norms for its creation…To work in this way, it is always necessary to leave a door open to the unconscious, since it is the balance between conscious and the unconscious, from my point of view, which gives value to a painting.” He suggests the viewer may identify with “aspects that go beyond his own life experience”, which relates to Jung’s “collective unconscious.” It was riveting to see these creatures up close!


Missed the gallery opening? Don’t worry. The exhibition will be on display through May 18, 2017. Don’t feel like battling the freeways? Here is the link to the complete online catalogue. Be sure to check it out!

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