Summer in SoCal for us means enjoying art festivals including the Sawdust Festival and Festival of Arts in beautiful Laguna Beach.

This year the hubby and I scored a free parking spot on the Laguna Canyon Road dirt lot just a couple of blocks before the Sawdust Festival. The free daily Summer Trolleys to the festivals and into town are reliable and fun to hop on and off.

Arriving early meant time for a delicious breakfast at the lovely Zinc Cafe. Their matcha tea brightened the overcast morning.


Walking around town, we discovered fun funky sites.


Laguna Beach Living WallQuirky Vehicle in Laguna BeachLaguna Beach Bus Bench


I was glad to see the civic-minded side of Laguna Beach and their “Create Change” campaign. Their Homeless Task Force has repurposed old parking meters to offset the city’s panhandling problem. Artists were hired to paint the meters. Meters help raise money for food and shelter for those in need.


Laguna Beach Create Change


After our stroll through town, it was time to hit the festivals. First up was the Sawdust Festival. Although I’ve visited this venue since elementary school, its eclectic vibe and aesthetic never ceases to delight me. This year, my hubby and I were taken by the palette of an artist by the name of Hallinan.


When we had our fill, we strolled down to the Laguna Art-A-Fair, on the same side of the road. On the way, we passed more eclectic sites.


Laguna Beach Mosaic WallLaguna Beach Sculpture


While strolling through the Art-A-Fair, we enjoyed viewing an artist at her easel.


Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair Artist Painting


We saved the best for last: The Festival of Art. This exquisite show is located across the street in the same venue as the Pageant of the Masters, which we did not attend this year.

For the sake of brevity, I am sharing just a few of the highlights from The Festival of Arts.

A top notch jazz group featuring singer Anne Walsh entertained the guests.


Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Jazz Ensemble


The hubby was mesmerized by the three dimensional work of artist Andrew Myers whose medium was tinted screws fastened to a chunk of wood.


Laguna Beach artist Mike Tauber and his stunning California Craftsmen Era paintings done entirely in ceramics, were a highlight of our visit. He graciously described his process and palette. We really enjoyed chatting with this warm, intelligent and creative artist.


Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Mike Tauber & LRW


Artist Michael Ward was in action at his easel. Only a master painter like him can elevate the ordinary into fine art. Love his palette and process. He was very nice and a pleasure to talk to.


 Festival of Arts Michael Ward


The Festival of Arts hosted 140 artists from Orange County. While we managed to visit all of their booths and stunning works of art, we entice you to visit the show yourself. It runs until the end of August 2017. We will no doubt be back to visit next year and hope to see you there.
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