It had been quite some time since my hubby and I visited our beloved Arcadia Contemporary gallery in the chic and hip downtown Culver City, CA.

Our lack of attendance was never due to not liking the exhibits. It’s just the fact that this semester has been jam-packed with the preparations for and productions of two student piano concerts, one at the Artisan Cheese Gallery, and the other at Hollywood Pianos Concert Hall, a student art showcase at BaseCamp Coffee & Eatery, and Pastimes for a Lifetime’s first-ever Halloween Party, complete with face painting by top art student, Sophia H. and piano music by longtime student, Aidan C.

It was a treat (read: reward) to finally catch our breath and enjoy a visit with our esteemed friend and owner of Arcadia Contemporary, Steve Diamont and attend the gallery opening for master painter, Jordan Sokol.

In addition to his masterful painting, what makes Sokol of special interest to me is the fact that he also is a dedicated art teacher. Sokol has taught drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy, at his private studio in Madrid, Spain, and the first U.S. branch of the Florence Academy of Art. He has also taught drawing and painting workshops at prestigious schools throughout the US and Europe. 

According to his bio, (the artist was not able to attend his gallery opening so I could not interview him personally), his work has also been featured in numerous publications. In 2013, Sokol was honored as one of ’25 Artists of Tomorrow’ by American Artist Magazine. His works have also been exhibited internationally including London’s National Portrait Gallery for their 2015 BP Portrait Exhibition. It’s no wonder a gallery of the caliber of Arcadia Contemporary represents him.

I’m pleased to share with you several close-up shots I took of my top faves from the gallery opening. Sokol’s ingenious brush strokes and Rembrandt palette make me giddy.I hope you enjoy the view.

If you missed the gallery opening, no worries. The show will be up from November 18 – 30, 2017.  We recommend parking in the Trader Joe’s parking structure for a couple of bucks. Walk across the street. The gallery is next to the Arclight Cinema, across from the classic Culver Hotel.

If you can’t get to the show, the next best thing is the catalog link, below.

To learn more about this remarkable artist, visit his website.
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