One of the many things I miss right now are Gallery Openings. There’s nothing like walking through a crowd of people all gathered with one common purpose – to view beautiful artwork!

Every season, Pastimes would host a Student Gallery Opening at a local business (like the lovely M Street Coffee!)  With the world gone virtual right now, my boss, Linda Wehrli, dug in deep, researching how to host a student art showcase on an online gallery, just like our favorite Arcadia Contemporary does.

Her diligent research unearthed the website,  They specialize in helping artists promote their work in a realistic 3D gallery. [Lightbulb goes off in Linda’s mind] She immediately reached out to their team inquiring if a special school rate might be available. What luck! They graciously offered an affordable monthly fee, (cheaper than renting a gallery space, with no set up, clean up, patching nail holes in walls or trying to find a parking space).

We decided to give the website a test drive with a 2021 Winter Student Art Showcase. The rest is history! Welcome to our Kunstmatrix Gallery!

In keeping with tradition, Pastimes invited the student exhibitors to a Gallery Opening Party – on Zoom! The online Party was held on Sunday, February 24th from 7 PM – 8 PM PST. Students attended from as far away as New York, Washington State, Santa Barbara and myself, in North Carolina in addition to those in the neighborhood! It was such a joy to see all the students together on Zoom, complimenting and admiring each other’s artwork. Some students opted to have their camera turned off, so sadly we could not get everyone’s photo. Below are some screen shots from the Gallery Opening Party.

Pastimes’ inaugural student art showcase featured works in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Charcoal and Graphite by 22 students ages 8 – adult.

Kids: Alex V • Michelle B. • Victor H.

Teens: Adela M. • Anahit S • Andrés Luis M. • Ariel S. • Barrie K. • Erika B. • Jazmine L.

Adults: David F. • Debra F. • Estela L. • Helen M. • Julie M. • Luda S. • Melise G. •
Michelle F. • Nihal D. • Rachel A. • Sumeet V. • Xi W.

In lieu of the traditional sign-in Guest Book per our usual Student Art Shows, we saved the lovely chat compliments via Zoom. See below. 🙂

From debiarditi to Everyone : Beautiful

From Kaila Catania to Everyone : Gorgeous. Makes me wish I was at the beach right now. [reference Xi W.’s Seascape]

From Kaila Catania to Everyone : Victor, your painting is beautiful.

From Victor to Everyone : Thanks.

From Linda to Everyone: Victor, please remind me how old your are?

From Victor to Everyone : I’m 11 years old

From Joseluis Morales to Everyone : Hello I’m here:)

From Debra Fink to Everyone : amazing

From Rachel Arditi to Everyone : Adorable! [reference Ariel S.’ Panda]

From Debra Fink to Everyone : Beautiful

From Kaila Catania to Everyone : I love your work Sumeet.

From Adela Maslerova to Everyone : Looks absolutely incredible!

From Elizabeth Leiva to Everyone : Beautiful turtle!

From Kaila Catania to Everyone : Looks so realistic.

From Rachel Arditi to Everyone : I want to swim with that turtle. Looks friendly.

From Rachel Arditi to Everyone : Beautiful!

From Ariel to Everyone : Was that watercolor? [reference Melise G.’s Pine Trees]

From Ariel to Everyone : It looks amazing!

From Debra Fink to Everyone : Beautiful, Helen

From Ariel to Everyone : The vases. they looked like a photograph!

From Ariel to Everyone : Bye guys! All the artwork was amazing!

From Debra Fink to Everyone : These lemons are amazing

From debiarditi to Everyone : Bye linda quite amazing. Thank you

From Debra Fink to Everyone : Everyone is so very talented! Bye bye!

From Anahit to Everyone : Thank you Linda! Bye everyone

From Adela Maslerova to Everyone : Bye everyone! thank you 🙂

From Peggy Ash to Everyone : Beautiful artwork from everyone!
Congratulations on your art talent. It is like being in an art museum. Thank you Linda. Thank you Jessica. This was a great art show.

From Andres M to Everyone : Bye Linda see you thursday

From Luda’s iPad to Everyone : Thank you Linda and Jessica for this great work. Beautiful artwork. That was fun and pleasure 👍🥰🎉 Bye everybody.

From Carmen Flores to Everyone : Thank you Linda, I checked the online gallery…it is beautiful!!!

From Carmen Flores to Everyone : Congratulations 👏👏

From Nihal to Everyone : Thank you so much Linda! Thank you Jessica

So cool! Congratulations to our students!!

Missed the Zoom Gallery Opening Party? No worries. Artwork is available for 24/7 online viewing until March 20, 2021.

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