What a fun way to start the New Year than inviting back Pastimes’ favorite model, Ollie the Eurasian Eagle Owl for another Uninstructed Drawing Class!

My boss, Linda Wehrli, first discovered falconer Jonathan Gonzalez of Raptor Events back in January 2018 when Pastimes’ held its first Uninstructed Drawing Sesh with Ollie. It was such a blast, so we were thrilled to welcome Ollie back! On Sunday, January 24th, 2021 from 1:30 – 4 PM, students attended either safely in-studio or live-stream on Zoom.

Here’s the story.

At 12:30 PM, Jonathan brought Ollie in his carrying crate into the studio. When the Zoom cameras were set up and places for safe in-studio guests were ready, Jonathan brought out the star of the show, Ollie the Eurasian Eagle Owl, flapping his over 4-foot span wings. It was breathtaking.

As if on cue, Ollie regained his balance, perched on Jonathan’s arm and stayed there, modeling for over two hours. Jonathan reassured us that he knows how to position his body in order to comfortably hold Ollie for long periods of time.

Ollie the Eurasian Eagle Owl is ready to be sketched by Pastimes for a Lifetime students

At 1:30 PM, students assembled safely in-studio and on Zoom. Linda provided sketching tips throughout the session while she enjoyed sketching alongside her students. I was able to join on Zoom from my east coach perch.

Jonathan fascinated us with educational stories about Ollie and his other birds of prey. Did you know, he also keeps reptiles and other cool critters available for birthday parties and other special events?

Ollie was fun but challenging to sketch as he turned his head and body often throughout the session. This allowed us to sketch his profile, portrait and 3/4 portrait. These photos were taken by me on Zoom.

In-Studio Sketches:

Online Zoom Sketches:

Watching Ollie allow the in-studio students to pet him was adorable. Linda confirmed Ollie is a fluffy softy and didn’t seem to mind the affectionate attention one bit.

This was a perfect #SundayFunday for a chilly January afternoon. We will definitely have Ollie back. If you’re interested in participating in similar upcoming studio events, please consider subscribing to our email list to receive ample notice and invitations.
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