Pastimes for a Lifetime is pleased to host its second Student Sidewalk Chart Art Invitational or SSCAI.

What is the SSCAI?

My boss, Linda Wehrli brainstormed this special program eliciting the creativity of select students to design social distancing points along the studio walkway where students and guests may wait in line to enter the classroom. Eclectic chalk art replaces dreary marking tape!

Linda invites her art students to take turns designing and painting the 11 studio walkway standing points. Once Linda approves the final artwork, a mutually convenient time is scheduled for the student to paint their designs.

The school provides high-pigment sidewalk chalk. The student’s artwork remains up for two months.

When their chalk paintings are complete, Linda presents the student with a Certificate of Merit for their portfolio or community service points along with a gift card from their favorite treat shop. A blog interview with the student artist, showcasing their work follows.

Since 11-year old Alexander Vallecillos has been taking art classes regularly with Linda since the tender age of 5-½, he was invited to be next in line. He eagerly accepted the invitation.

Alexander’s design is a paint palette with two brushes. Colorful musical notes replace dabs of paint, representing both the art classes and piano lessons taught by Linda. So clever! 

On Monday, August 10, 2020 Alexander painted his design in the 11 standing points. We are pleased to take you on a tour of the SSCAI showcase.


When the tan chalk for the palette designs ran out, Alexander continued with a gray palette. Now that’s thinking on your feet!

And now an interview with the artist.

Q1: How would you describe the style of artwork you designed for Pastimes’ walkway?

A1: I drew a palette and paint brushes and the colors were shaped like musical notes.

Q2: Very nice. What inspired your design concept and colors?

A2: I knew Mrs. Linda taught art and music, so I wanted to put those two ideas together.

Q3: Great concept. Is this your first experience painting with high-pigment sidewalk chalk pastel? How did you like using it? What were some of the drawbacks you experienced using it at the studio, if any?

A3: It is my first time and I love it. But the sun definitely made it harder for me.

Q4: Yes, Linda mentioned improvising an awning using a folder table to help give shade while you worked. Have you ever attended Chalk Art and Street Painting festivals like the ones in Burbank and Pasadena? Would you consider participating in the next one when they safely reopen?

A4: I have. I would consider going to the next one because I like the showcased paintings and the hot chocolate.

Q5: Great. Sounds fun and delicious. How did you like designing and painting the social distancing demarcations for the studio?

A5: I liked designing and painting it because it felt like I accomplished something big.

Indeed! It really is. Alexander, it was a pleasure interviewing you. Thank you for your time and your gracious contributions to the beautification of Pastimes for a Lifetime’s studio garden.

P.S. Readers and students are welcome to stop by during school hours to view the walkway, by appointment. Email to schedule a time.

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