When my boss, Linda Wehrli, informed me that the next Arcadia Contemporary Solo Show was with master artist, Alex Venezia, I was curious to learn about this mystery artist!

The first thing I discovered to my chagrin was that he’s primarily self-taught and only 26-year-old.
#Goals anyone?!

After gazing through Alex Venezia’s work on his website, I could immediately see how he was influenced by Caravaggio. In high school, Alex would frequent the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia to study and paint from the works of the Masters. Venezia also studied with many of today’s top representational painters including Colleen Barry, Daniel Sprick, Michael KleinJeff Hein, and one of my faves, Casey Baugh.

Alex believes “inspiration comes in many forms, and usually far from the easel, but there’s nothing like seeing the work of an artist that you hold in high regard, in person. It has a way of putting me in my place and motivating me to become a better painter.” This is evident in his work.

Although I was unable to attend the gallery opening, Linda and her hubby, Barry Michael Wehrli did as part of their 26th wedding anniversary “night on the town”. Very romantic!

Linda and Barry Wehrli

Linda and Barry Wehrli


At the gallery opening, Linda and Barry were able to introduce themselves to both the artist and his lovely wife and muse, Divya Melaluca. Linda found them to be a little shy but very pleasant and polite. Linda enjoyed talking shop with Alex but as a professional courtesy, is keeping the techniques and palettes discussed confidential until a demo + workshop with Alex can be arranged at Pastimes’ studio.

Alex J. Venezia, Linda Wehrli and his Model

Alex J. Venezia, Linda Wehrli, and his Model Photo courtesy of Barry Michael Wehrli


Linda took some spectacular photos from the show which she has nicknamed “Skintones, and fabrics, and brushstrokes, Oh My!” We hope you enjoy them and will be inspired to visit the exhibit in person. BTW, you might be interested to note that over half of the exhibited works sold that night!! You can see why…


Linda wanted me to express her heartfelt thanks to Arcadia Contemporary for indulging her penchant for taking really up-close photos of their guests’ artwork. Showing masterful brush strokes and discovering what the artist decided to leave out of a painting are part and parcel of her art curriculum. She also managed to purchase the show catalog and had Alex autograph hers. She’s looking forward to sharing it during her art classes. Lucky students!

Missed the gallery opening? No worries! The show runs through October 11th, 2019.
Peruse the show from your favorite easy chair at their online catalog.

Old Town Pasadena
39 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone: 626-486-2018
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11 am – 6 pm
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