For my birthday weekend, the hubby indulged my love for art and took me to the Gallery Opening of artist Adam Vinson at our favorite gallery, Arcadia Contemporary, Culver City, CA. 

Sometimes the featured artist isn’t there. Thankfully, that was not the case this time. It was a pleasure and privilege to meet artist Adam Vinson in person that night! I found him to be genuine, warm and witty.
Fun facts: Adam used to be a bass player! He also has two cute kitties, Boris and his brother Fiodor. Boris is featured in this photo.

Adam Vinson with Boris

Adam Vinson with Boris


Unlike the Getty or LACMA, where guards are quick to ensure you keep your distance from the works on display, (yes, I’ve been scolded and reprimanded by their guards numerous times), Arcadia Contemporary owner Steve Diamont is totally fine with letting guests get up close and personal with his artists’ work. As an art teacher, being able to observe masterworks at a leisurely pace and at close range allows me to study and take the lessons learned back to my studio to share with my students. I’m very grateful for this.

Being able to ask the artist what he uses for his base coat, and preferred tools used to create his paintings was worth the long drive on the 405. Adam was gracious in sharing his answers. Hint: the swooshes were created with an eraser dragged through wet oil paint! Love this.

BTW – a free color pamphlet featuring four of his works is available on the counter at the gallery. I’m enjoying sharing it with my students.

I’m pleased to share closeup shots of some of the masterpieces on view from Adam Vinson’s “Song & Dance” oil painting exhibition.


If you can’t make it to the exhibit before its close on March 31, 2018, the full catalog is on view at Arcadia Contemporary’s website.

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