My boss, Linda Wehrli and I were ecstatic for another group art show at our favorite gallery, Arcadia Contemporary in Culver City! “This Land Is…” is an exhibition of landscape paintings by over 50 contemporary realists from around the world.

The opening was held on Saturday, April 21 from 6-9pm at Arcadia Contemporary. Exhibitors were Megan Aline, Raquel Alvarez-Sardina, Rich Bowman, Dina Brodsky, John Brosio, Rob Browning, Michael Chapman, Alexander Chistov, Matthew Cornell, Brent Cotton, Kevin Courter, Stephen Coyle, TJ Cunningham, Dimitri Desiron, Stephen Fox, among other acclaimed international artists.

My boss had the privilege of photographing details up close and personal at the gallery opening. Here are the faves she wanted to share with you, as well as some photos of the artists with their work.

Fortunately, one of my favorite artists, John Brosio, and three other exhibiting artists attended the opening night: Alexander Chistov, Adam Hall, and Jessica Hess.

It was such a privilege and honor to meet these master painters. As I was admiring Alexander Christov’s artwork, he actually approached me and asked what I liked about his paintings! I immediately complimented him on his attention to detail and reflections. Such a humble, talented artist. Moreover, both he and Adam Hall are self-taught! That blew me away (and gave me hope!).

Thanks to Arcadia Contemporary owner, Steve Diamont for hosting these inspiring gallery openings and supporting great artists. “Keeping great art alive in this culture” is a mantra close to my boss’ heart.

“This Land Is…” will be on display until May 10, 2018.
Can’t make it to the exhibit? Here’s a link to the online catalog.

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