Little did I know, there is a vibrant art community in Vancouver known as Granville Island. I was privileged to visit it first hand last month, thanks to my unofficial tour guides and former art students, Gabby Korcheva and Alec Korcheva. They practically grew up in my art studio, studying drawing and painting with me from ages 7 to 18 years of age. After graduating high school, they moved to Vancouver with their family. When they came down for a visit back in 2013, I made a promise to visit them in Vancouver soon. That promise came true this summer.

Gabby Korcheva, Art Student at Pastimes for a LifetimeAlec Korchev, art student at Pastimes for a Lifetime

The weather on that Tuesday, August 11 morning was superb. The tour began with a ride on the Skytrain, then catching an electric trolley.

Skytrain to Granville IslandElectric Trolley Bus, Vancouver

A short pleasant walk delivered us to the entrance to Granville Island. Rows of artist and artisan studios, galleries, an amply supplied art store, art academy, coffee roaster, distillery and international market awaited. We started with the first row and worked our way to the ginormous Public Market. It brought back memories of the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach and the art community in downtown Ojai, California. I was smitten.

Woofles & Meowz, Vancouver TripDucks Xing, Granville IslandGranville Island StreetEmily Carr University, Granville IslandOpus Art Supplies, Granville IslandWood Artisan, Granville IslandOrigins Coffee Roasters, Granville IslandPaint Brushes Decor, Granville IslandWoodWorking Studio, Granville IslandSweepy Hollow, Granville IslandInukchuck, Granville IslandNDavid Artisan, Granville IslandNDavid Paper Sculptor, Granville Island

I encourage my students, friends, family and readers to visit this lovely art enclave and all it has to offer.

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