The beautiful curiously-warm-for-winter Sunday was the perfect setting for a day trip to the 2018 LA Art Show at the beautiful LA Convention Center.

My gal pal, Marie P. graciously offered to pick me up and take us to the NoHo depot and for $7.00 each, we rode the Metrolink Redline to the 7th Street Metro Station where we boarded the Blueline to the Pico exit. From there we strolled across to the convention center entrance, passing a $20 parking lot along the way. So thankful for public transportation.


Pico Station, LA Art Show


This year, the LA Art Show was condensed into one theme: Modern + Contemporary. Sadly, galleries that represent traditional artists such as Regina Lubovnaya, were locked out of the show! As a result, this will be the final LA Art Show visit and blog that Pastimes for a Lifetime will be doing.

We were delighted/relieved to find four of our top favorite art galleries at the show. Please enjoy beautiful close-ups of a variety of their artists’ works on display.

Upon entering the show, we were greeted by a collection of stacked stone installations by Woods Davy.


Woods Davy, LA Art Show


To the left was the information booth where we snagged a directory. First stop, Arcadia Contemporary’s booth!



Linda Wehrli visits Arcadia Contemporary at the 2018 LA Art Show


We caught up with owner, Steve Diamant who looked tired but happy. He’s a saint for all he does to keep the calibre of art high not just for the LA Art Show, but our culture in general. Here are close-ups of their works on display that I had not seen before. The complete catalog can be viewed online anytime.


Alex Russell Flint “The Fall”

Artem Rogowoi “Chamomlle”

Artem Rogowoi “Songs of Beeches”

Brad Kunkle “Hide and Seek”

Carlo Russo “Chroma”

Daniel Bilmes “Anonymous II”

Daniel Bilmes “Caught in the Current”1

J. Louis "Reverie II"

J. Louis “Reverie II”

Jeffrey Ripple "Late in the Day in March"

Jeffrey Ripple “Late in the Day in March”

Jeremy Lipking "Sierra Snow"

Jeremy Lipking “Sierra Snow”

John Brosio "Taco Stand In Hell"

John Brosio “Taco Stand In Hell”

Julio Reyes "The Woven Crown"

Julio Reyes “The Woven Crown”

Kelly Grace "A Most Unusual Camera"

Kelly Grace “A Most Unusual Camera”

Malcolm T. Liepke "Dancing to a Different Tune"

Malcolm T. Liepke “Dancing to a Different Tune”

Matthew Cornell "Star"

Matthew Cornell “Star”

Nick Alm "Hotel Ghost"

Nick Alm “Hotel Ghost”

Nick Alm "Mirror, Mirror"

Nick Alm “Mirror, Mirror”

NickAlm "Mirror, Mirror"

NickAlm “Mirror, Mirror”

Nick Alm "Mirror, Mirror"

Nick Alm “Mirror, Mirror”

Rae Perry "Intimate"

Rae Perry “Intimate”

Serge Marshennikov "In the March"

Serge Marshennikov “In the March”

Shaun Downey "In the Glass"

Shaun Downey “In the Glass”


For my birthday last year, my hubby drove us to Maxell Alexander Gallery for the Jeremy Mann exhibit. It was worth the drive. So happy to meet the artist, purchase his book and have him autograph it. The staff were friendly and wished me a Happy Birthday. So nice to see their booth at the LA Art Show.

Cesar Santos "Butterfly"

Cesar Santos “Butterfly”

Jeremy Mann "Lex Julia"

Jeremy Mann “Lex Julia”

Joseph Todorovitch "Bather"

Joseph Todorovitch “Bather”

Kim Cogan "Pacifica"

Kim Cogan “Pacifica”

Kim Cogan "Rear Windows"

Kim Cogan “Rear Windows”

Matt Smith "Along the Buttermilk Road"

Matt Smith “Along the Buttermilk Road”

Matt Smith "Canyon Lake Cliffs"

Matt Smith “Canyon Lake Cliffs”

Michael Klein "White Peonies"

Michael Klein “White Peonies”

Serge Marshennikov "Point of View"

Serge Marshennikov “Point of View”

Serge Marshennikov "Snow White"

Serge Marshennikov “Snow White”

Tim Solliday "Almost Home"

Tim Solliday “Almost Home”




This gallery knows their art history. I always learn something new when I visit their booth. Nice, helpful staff, too. It was a treat to see what they had on display this year.

Berthe Morisot "Girl in a Green Coat"

Berthe Morisot “Girl in a Green Coat”

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Camille Pissarro "Peasant Arranging her Scarf"

Camille Pissarro “Peasant Arranging her Scarf”

Claude Monet "Seaside"

Claude Monet “Seaside”

Federico del Campo

Federico del Campo

Henri Matisse "Sitting Female Nude"

Henri Matisse “Sitting Female Nude”

Pissarro "The Beach at Cabourg"

Pissarro “The Beach at Cabourg”

Jean Baptist Camille Corot "Le repos dans la prairie"

Jean Baptist Camille Corot “Le repos dans la prairie”

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot "The Ford with Five Cows)" 1865

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot “The Ford with Five Cows)” 1865


Last and least, as promised, I am posting the winner of the “Most Disappointing” piece at the LA Art Show. There were sadly, many to choose from. This one was chosen as it was kinda clever. What do you think?

Jeff Gillette "Hollywood Hotel"

Jeff Gillette “Hollywood Hotel”


As an art teacher, I have attended the LA Art Show since it was first hosted at Barker Hanger, Santa Monica in the early 2000s. It was exhilarating meeting local artists and galleries, discussing their works and obtaining catalogs for the studio, over the years. Going forward, I will be visiting individual galleries of interest to my students and me, in lieu of the LA Art Show.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the close-ups of the paintings that inspired me at this year’s show and will consider learning more about these fine galleries and the artists they represent.
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