Our Art Product Review this month features the Ebony Pencil. As an artist, I’m always looking for new drawing tools to experiment with. When my boss, Linda Wehrli, suggested we feature the Ebony Pencil for our next Art Product Review Blog, I was intrigued to find out more! I had never heard of this pencil. Her students were also inquiring about this drawing tool. So, we hope you enjoy this introduction of this useful artist tool! Info courtesy of artsupplyguide.com and prismacolor.com.

Pastimes Product Review Blog on Ebony Pencils

So, what is an ebony pencil and why are they such a great artist tool? They are used for sketching, drawing, layout or design work. They can be used with a gentle hand to get very light values or you can create a very dark graphite for heavy shadows and dark tones. They smudge nicely like other softer lead pencils for gradual shading and medium tones. Because these pencils have a soft lead, they are gentle on the surface of your paper and sharpen to a point quite easily for fine details.

After doing some research, it seems Prismacolor has a great Ebony Pencil. We recommend this brand to our students as well for Colored Pencils.

The jet black lead means advanced portrait artists and skilled amateurs alike will have the tools necessary to create piercing marks and outlines. Each ebony pencil features leads with superior smoothness that are effortlessly supple yet strong enough to sharpen to a fine point. These pencils allow for precision, intensity and depth to your craft.

Here is a quick YouTube tutorial on how to draw with Ebony Pencils, courtesy of Ms. Cooper’s Art Class.



  • Ultra-smooth, jet-black graphite leads product thick, dark lines
  • Easily blendable
  • Soft, large diameter pencil
  • Ebony Graphite
  • 60ml
  • Alcohol-based
  • Does not contain harmful solvents or xylene

Another bonus of this tool is that they are super affordable and can make your pencil drawings stand out. Working with sketching or fine art drawing, ebony pencils are a staple to artists in many trades. I’m definitely going to give them a try and you should, too!

Pastimes Product Review Blog on Ebony Pencils

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