Ah, Summertime: beach picnics, pool days, and playdates. But have you already heard the kids saying they’re bored?😱 Fear no more, we have the perfect solution that also has tremendous benefits on your kids’ health: Summer Art Classes with veteran instructor, Linda Wehrli. Studies have overwhelmingly shown that participation in art education has multiple benefits for children of all ages and backgrounds.

So, what are the benefits of Kids Summer Art Classes? Enjoy some vital reasons below, courtesy of museoart.com and abrakadoodle.com.

Pastimes Blog Benefits of Kids Summer Art Classes

Pastimes’ art student, Kristopher M. with his watercolor seascape study


Reason 1: Keep That Summer Brain Fresh!

Whether painting or drawing, art activities can stimulate the brain in new ways that carry over to improvement in other non-art related subjects. According to one study done through a program by the Guggenheim, artists went into schools to teach and help students create their own works of art. They found that students who participated in the program scored higher on six different categories of literacy and critical thinking skills than those who didn’t. The act of creating art is a beneficial mental practice in itself. Every step of creating engages children’s imagination and problem solving skills.

Pastimes Blog Benefits of Kids Summer Art Classes

Pastimes’ Art Student, Vivian G. learning measuring techniques

Reason 2: Learn New Skills and Improve Existing Ones

For children who already love making art, Summer Art Classes can be the perfect time to develop those skills that they may not get time for or instruction in during the regular school year. Whether a beginner or veteran, Pastimes offers a variety of engaging courses. The Drawing with Graphite 101 is ideal for newbies.

Reason 3: Engage in Social Benefits of Making Art

Summer Art Classes provide the perfect environment for children to create deeper friendship bonds with those who share their interests. Allowing children to interact with others who are interested in similar things affirms their choices and cultivates a supportive community in which to grow.

Making art also provides a great way for some children to express themselves in social situations in a manner that they may not feel they can otherwise. Art is a form of expression!


Reason 4: Build Your Child’s Confidence

Summer Art Classes present a safe place to successfully problem solve and develop new skills. These activities have a direct correlation to building self-esteem and developing confidence. With creating art, you face criticism and challenges that appear daunting, but you have no choice but to find solutions in order to move forward. The teacher can guide a student in this process, but really, it’s up to the individual artist to make their own artistic choices and solve the problems he or she encounters. This is really rewarding as it comes with a boost of confidence in your child’s skills and decision-making processes. They learn to trust themselves. Win-win!

Pastimes Blog on Benefits of Kids Summer Art Classes

Pastimes’ Art Student, Michelle B. displaying her acrylics architecture study

Reason 5: Unplug from Technology

Depending on your child’s age, he or she may already have a cell phone, iPad, iPhone, you name it. Summer Art Classes allow your child to unplug from technology and be present in the moment, which is very beneficial.

It’s evident that Summer Art Classes are a great opportunity for children to push themselves and grow in many different ways over those summer months. Pastimes offers a wide range of art classes. Interested in learning more? Contact us here!


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