Water Soluble Oil Tubes 37ML


All the buttery goodness of oil paint in a water-soluble base. No toxic thinners or cleaners. Simply wash with soap and water.

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Water soluble oil tubes 37ML

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Water Soluble Oil Tubes

MX Green Earth, MX Prussian Green, WN Alizarin Crimson, WN Burnt Umber, WN Cadmium Red Medium, WN Cadmium Yellow Medium, WN Cadmium Yellow Pale, WN Cobalt Blue, WN Dioxazine Purple, WN Lamp Black, WN Olive Green, WN Payne's Gray, WN Prussian Green, WN Pthalo Green Blue Shade, WN Pthalo Green Yellow Shade, WN Raw Sienna, WN Raw Umber, WN Sap Green, WN Ultramarine Blue, WN Yellow Ochre, WN Zinc White


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