Mastering IntervalsMastering IntervalsMastering IntervalsMastering IntervalsMastering IntervalsMastering Intervals

Mastering Intervals


Mastering Intervals

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• For intermediate to advanced keyboardists.
• Three workshops systematically develop mastery in reading, writing and hearing any interval, enhancing composition and improvisation skills.
• Fifteen analyzed musical excerpts provide additional music theory insight.
• Glossary and Interval Ear Training Resource guide provided.
• Answer Manual now included – written work can be readily checked!
• 8.25 x 10.5 soft cover, 158 pages.


It is Wehrli’s contention that knowing intervals ‘cold’ increases skill in music theory, sight-reading, composition and improvisation. My teaching experience certainly confirms this notion. Mastering Intervals… [provides] a solid foundation of interval knowledge and a leg up for all musical endeavors… a welcome addition to any musician’s library. Congratulations on a well-thought-out book!

Andy LaVerne – Professor of Jazz Piano at The University of Hartford, recording artist and author of Chord Substitutions and Countdown To Giant Steps


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