Art Courses in Drawing and Painting

LW-PFAL-ChildMeasuringCurriculum-slimDrawing and painting courses in 10 different mediums are taught as private lessons in a small group setting. Students work at their own pace on their own projects in a pleasant non-competitive studio setting.  FAQs


Students as young as 7 can begin building a solid foundation in drawing techniques starting on the very first day of classes. Whether you are younger or older, a newbie or an old pro, Pastimes has classes to develop your creativity.


Founder/Instructor Linda Wehrli has developed a unique curriculum that helps students build skills, style and confidence with a solid foundation of basics. Classes are tailored to each student’s abilities and learning style. “This is not ‘three circles make a snowman’ “, says Linda Wehrli.


During an initial free consultation, Linda will assess a student’s skill level, goals and interests. The more experienced student can better determine which medium he/she chooses to explore. From there, the student will continue to build knowledge and expand upon fundamental techniques, such as shading, coloring mixing and more.


Each course comes with a fun and informative Project Booklet containing the Certificate of Completion necessary to move on to the next level.

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Drawing with Graphite 101 & 102


Drawing with Graphite 101


This fun and informative class is ideal for beginners as well as students returning to art classes after a long absence. Basic skills are learned or rekindled with this historic medium. Students will focus on developing measuring and drawing skills, as well as honing sensitivity in the hand. Unique projects in Linda’s curriculum improve hand-to-eye coordination while teaching how to measure for proportion. Best practices for sketching and shading with graphite pencil are taught in order to produce dimension, perspective and texture on paper. Students create line and tone drawings for their portfolios or enjoyment. Learn how to bring flat drawings to 3-D life!


Ideal for those interested in drawing for fine art, cartoons, commercial or book illustration and storyboards.


Prerequisite: None. This class is a basic prerequisite and must be taken before moving on. Students will finish the class with a collection of completed graphite drawings and the certificate of completion necessary to move up to the next level.


Drawing with Graphite 102


This intermediate level drawing class continues where Drawing 101 leaves off. Students develop their measuring, sketching and shading skills with more challenging subject matter. Includes studying from still life set-ups, using tinted paper and larger formats.


Ideal for the artist who wants to take their drawing skills to the next level.


Prerequisite: Drawing with Graphite 101 or the equivalent.

My daughter has been attending for several months, and she loves the classes and the technique being taught. A great experience with a nice teacher!

- Suzanne L., Burbank

Drawing with Charcoal 101


Knowledge of this traditional classical medium is required in most art academies. Why not learn the fundamentals here first? Unique projects in Linda’s curriculum present the basics of sketching and creating illustrations that contain incredible depth and tone. Linda shares valuable tips and tricks that will get you up and running on this medium.


Ideal for those interested in drawing for fine art and commercial or book illustration Prerequisite: Drawing with Graphite 101 or the equivalent.

Linda is kind and patient with the kids but has high expectations. She teaches the kids various drawing techniques and instruction is based on copying which my husband, who attended art school at UCLA, says is how art has classically been taught.

- L.K., Sherman Oaks

Pen & Ink 101


They say the Pen is mightier than the sword. This class proves it to be true! In this class students will learn the intricate details of working with this illustrative medium. Unique projects in Linda’s curriculum guide the student in how to precisely represent textures, shading and tone, as well as how to use positive/negative space. Product information on pens and papers are covered as well.


Ideal for the detail-oriented artist and a foundation for anyone thinking of a career in illustration for fine art, cartoons and graphic novels or commercial art, book illustration and storyboards. Students will finish the class with a gorgeous collection of completed black and white works of art, as well as receive a certificate of completion.


Prerequisite: Drawing with Graphite 101 or the equivalent.

I never thought I could draw, but Linda has shown me that I can in a short amount of time. I love my art classes!!!!

- Barbara R., Sherman Oaks

Gray Colored Pencil 101


Explore the three Gray Families – Cool, Warm and French – in this unique course. Students start off with good colored pencil basics that apply to all projects. Techniques for achieving rich tonal values and depth are taught in an easy to follow gradient.


Ideal for the student who loves colored pencils but prefers working in tone rather than color. Students will finish the class with a collection of completed gray scale works of art, as well as receive a certificate of completion.


Prerequisite: Drawing with Graphite 101 or the equivalent.

I highly recommend Linda as a teacher. She is a superb human being with teaching qualities that commands respect and admiration from her students – and their parents too. It is my pleasure to have her instruct and guide Sophia through art…..

- Sandy G., Toluca Lake

Oil Pastel 101


This creamy, easy-to-mix medium is ideal for the artist who is just beginning to explore color. This course provides the basics of color theory and beyond. Unique projects in Linda’s curriculum guide students to learn how to smoothly blend and apply subtle shades, tints and color mixtures to create works of art that look like an oil painting. In addition, students will learn the chemistry behind color mixing as well as how to create color palettes like the classical artists of generations past.


Ideal for the artist who is looking for quick set up and easy clean up without compromising on rich intense color.


Prerequisite: Drawing with Graphite 101 or the equivalent.

My son has been a student of Linda’s for two years now; his drawings and color pastels are some of the beautiful pieces of art that grace the walls in our home.

- Lisa B., North Hollywood

Chalk Pastel 102


This intermediate level class explores the use and history of this delicate medium. Students will learn through Linda’s thorough curriculum how to mix and apply chalk pastels for a variety of subject matter, including scenery, still life and portraits. Students will also learn the history and chemistry of mixing pigments. This versatile medium is perfect for the artist who enjoys the combination of art and science.


Ideal for the artist who likes to get their hands dirty.


Prerequisites: Drawing with Graphite 101, Oil Pastel 101 or comparable class

My relationship with Linda and her art studio goes more than a decade back when my kids were taking art lessons. I have been recommending her [for years] to my friends and clients who have kids from age 6 on. As long as they can hold a pen or pencil in their hands without pain – they all love her and her teaching. The joy, the therapy and self-confidence are what a Linda-taught class gives our children and adults.

- Adrianna C., Van Nuys

Beginning Watercolor 201


Working with watercolors is like a walk through history on paper. This introductory class focuses on learning solid basic brush techniques for producing clean, crisp colors while developing sensitivity in the hand. Also covered in this course is the history and characteristics of transparent paint, color mixing, basic brushstrokes and painting techniques. Students will also learn product information on different brush bristles and shapes and watercolor papers for different applications.Students will have created a collection of finished works of art in watercolor and will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this class.


Ideal for the those interested in painting for fine art or book, advertising or design illustration.


Prerequisites: Drawing with Graphite101, Oil Pastel 101 or comparable class

I’ve always dreamt of having the confidence to sit down, draw, and understand the process of art. Linda and her studio has made this dream come true. She is the first instructor, I’ve encountered, who explains her method in a way I can completely get it. Her studio is a place of relaxed camaraderie and group encouragement from fellow art students. I absolutely love it! I look forward to honing my skills and having fun while doing it.

- Roberta K., Hollywood

Intermediate Watercolor 202


For those who want to further their skills… this next level class picks up where the beginning class leaves off. Students will learn tips and tricks for painting with tube watercolors. Through Linda’s curriculum, students will learn advanced brush and color layering techniques to create texture and tone, which are useful for painting a variety of subject matter. This class teaches students to create deeper richer colors.


Ideal for the artist who is interested in painting for fine art or book, advertising or design illustration.


Prerequisites: Drawing with Graphite101, Oil Pastel 101 and Beginning Watercolor 201 or their equivalents.

I started with Linda in my early teens because I knew I liked to draw. Six years later and I’m a full-blown painter. She drew out a prowess in me I never knew I possessed, and pushed me to explore several mediums I never would have thought to try: charcoal, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic paint, and water soluble oil paint. What’s more — you can purchase all of your art supplies directly from her. She’s told me on more than one occasion that it’s important to her to provide her students with the best products at the right prices. It couldn’t be more hassle-free.

- Emma R., Toluca Terrace

Beginning Acrylics 301


Brighten up your world with amazing acrylics! This medium offers the flexibility of oils with a faster drying time and less hassles. In this class, students will learn techniques of the 20th century masters, including how to mix colors, prepare canvas, and execute styles including impressionism, contemporary realism, color block and abstract. Linda’s curriculum covers product information about acrylic paint, brushes recommended and their care and cleaning.


Ideal for the artist who is interested in painting with bright colors and thicker paint layers that dry quickly.


Prerequisites: Drawing with Graphite101, Oil Pastel 101 and Beginning Watercolor 201 or their equivalents.

What began as my fanciful foray quickly transformed into an adventure in learning and a passion for painting. Guided by Linda’s expertise and patience, my art class days are sacred. Linda’s studio and the ambiance she has created became a place for my “special time” away from the obligations and high energy of daily life. It is a place where I can nurture my inner self, enjoy the companionship of other adults and absorb a lifetime of experience. Beginning with essential fundamentals, each student is gently guided by Linda’s gift as artist and teacher.

- Diane B., Encino

Water Soluble Oils 401


Have you said no to oil painting because it is hazardous to the environment? Well now is the time to say YES! In this class, students will celebrate the deliciousness of this buttery and traditional medium in its new water-soluble, non-toxic form. Students learn the basics for mixing water-soluble oil colors and brush techniques including how to paint a traditional Grisaille or tonal painting followed by delicate glazing or color layering. A variety of styles and subject matter are covered along with product information about water-soluble oil paint, brushes recommended and their care and cleaning.


Prerequisites: Drawing with Graphite101, Oil Pastel 101 and Beginning Watercolor 201, Beginning Acrylics 301 or their equivalents.

Linda’s intimate studio provides a harmonious space where she can easily and thoroughly guide and help each student. I never thought I would be able to achieve beauty with oil on canvas, and now I have several beautiful paintings hanging in my home.

- Suzanne S., Calabasas